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  1. 100 % Sewa tapak - untuk letak Mesin Laundry, Mesin Air Tin, Mesin Kerusi Massage, Mesin Air..etc
  2. Joint Venture (Profit sharing) tanpa sewa
  3. Siapanya Pemilik Tapak : Sekolah, Asrama Sekolah, Hotel, Asrama Pekerja, Airport, Shopping Mall, masjid, Stadium..etc
  4. Financier wanted : Siapa yang berminat Untuk Meletak mesin pun boleh menghubungi kami. Kami Supply Tapak, Mesin & Servicing

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You Have Purchased The Coin Machine, Now Need Someone To Deliver, Install, Piping, All-In Reno?

  1. Machine Delivery, Installation
  2. M&E - Wiring, Water Piping, Drain, Water Pump, Water Filter, Lps Gas, Ducting..etc
  3. Shop Reno - Partition, Painting, Tiles, Lighting, Ceiling Fan, CCTV...Etc

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  1. Penghangtaran, Pemasangan Segala Mesin Koin Dobi
  2. M&E - Wiring Seluruh Kedai, Water Piping, Drain, Water Pump, Water Filter, Lpg Gas, Ducting..Etc
  3. Shop Reno - Partisan, Painting, Tiles, Ceiling Fan, Kerusi, Meja...Etc

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How To Start Self Service Laundry?

  1. I am interested in opening a self-service 24 hour laundromat, how do I start?
    It is very easy, the procesure as below,
    Step 1 : Secure a shoplot
    Step 2: Select our package (1, 2, 3 , 4 or customise to your requirement)
    Step 3 : Our workers will start the renovation as soon as possible. Complete within 4 to 6 weeks (depends on site).

  2. What service do your company provide?
    We provide complete "A to Z" solution which includes below
    Machine - delivery, installation, testing, warranty, maintenace, training & after warranty
    M&E: Wiring, plumbling, water tank, water filter, water pump
    Renovation: Tiling, partition, painting, concrete foundation, CCTC
    Design: All labeling of washer & dryer, wall stick (how to use washer, how to use dryer)

    Which cover every aspect of setting up a self service laundromat from scratch.By the time we return the shop key to you, you will get a fully functional coin laundromat the hassle-free way.

  3. I am interested and how soon can I start? How's the schedule?
    The renovation works take about 4 to 6 weeks. If we have ex-stock, it only 1 week to deliver. Otherwise is 2 1/2 months to import from oversea.

  4. Can you recommend a good location for me?
    The densely populated locations or newly developed township are ideal place to setup your coin laundromat. Nearby area with college/university/poly, lots of condo/flat, mix area, is always a better bet.
  5. Self Service Coin Equipment Question

  6. How Many Washer and Dryer Do I Actually Need?
    The ideal number of machine you should use is minimun 4 x 14kg washers & 4 x 16kg dryers.

    If you want to a earn a better income, then you can opt for either more machine or bigger machine.

    The trend nowadays is toward using extra large 28kg coin washer & 30kg coin dryer as attraction to cater the needs of budget hotel customers, large household, big bulky items, other contract laundry operators. Since budget hotels are everywhere, thus the oppoturnity is great!

  7. What machine you propose?
    The brand that we are confident to propose is Electrolux, an established worldwide brand. We don't recommend a second tier or third tier brand which may have part availability problem after 5 years. The washer has build in instant water heater, thus the need of external boiler (which cost about RM4k) is eliminated.

  8. Why I need to use large 28kg coin washer & 30kg dryer?
    The advantage of using a 28kg coin washer & 30kg coin dryer is that customer can wash large size comforters, curtain, bedsheet in one go..

  9. Does your commercial wash/dryer machines comes with 1 year warranty
    Yes, it comes with 1 year standard warranty for parts and labour.

  10. What brand is available?
    Electrolux & Speedqueen. By the way, we are Electrolux commercial laundry dealer :-)

  11. I just want to buy 1 washer or 1 dryer NOT both, it is okay?
    Yes you can.

  12. I am located in Sarawak/Sabah, can you deliver me the machine?
    Yes we can do door-to-door seafreight. It takes about 1 to 2 weeks, very fast! So far we have shipped to Kuching, Miri, Sibu, Kota Kinabalu & Tawau. It cost about aprox RM2000++ for 2 pallets.

  13. What is the different between the "Budget Package", "Upgrade Package" & "Aqua Package"?
    For budget package, suitable for small shop like in Pangsapuri & Condo with cheap rental. For upgrade Package, good for full size shoplot. Aqua package is the best, because you can wash both normal washer & dry cleaning. Your income will substantially improve with ability to do dry cleaning items.
  14. Income Question

  15. How much can I expect to earn per month? (Here's the golden question)
    If your total investment is RM300k, ROI is typically 3 years, then total gross profit monthly is estimated RM20k with 50% profit margin, thus net profit is estimated to be RM10k after deducting all other expenses.
    - your shop location
    - customer service
    - how many competitors in your area
    - Is your customer satisfied? Things like, "are clothes properly ironed and thoroughly clean?"

    Note: we can offer you a complete overview of the expenses, please make an appointment. We will break it down by how many customer you need to breakeven, what is average weigh per customer..etc

  16. Can you give me a breakdown on all the monthly expenses of a laundry shop?
    Please click here for a general breakdown prices on cost to setup a laundry shop

  17. What's the ration of wet clean and dry clean, in term of sales?
    It is 20-30% for wet cleaning, and rest dry cleaning

  18. Can you give me a real case study of ACTUAL INCOME of a laundry shop?
    Here's a laundry shop that earns about RM4000 to RM6000 nett income per month after deducting all expenses..

    For wet wash, they have average 17-18 customer per day (min 10, max30), 4kg/customer.

    For dry cleaning customer average is 4 to 7 customer per day. 1 to 20 pieces per customer.
  19. Payment Question

  20. What payment do you accept?
    We accept cash and banker transfer.
  21. Laundry Operation Question

  22. How long does it take for the coin washer to complete a washing cycle & how much to charge?
    The coin washer's washing cycle is fixed at around 23 to 25min.

    As for the 14kg coin washer, the cold program is RM6, warm program is RM7 & hot program is RM8.

    For the 28kg coin washer, the cold program is RM11, warm program is RM13 & hot program is RM15.

  23. How long does it take for the coin dryer to complete a drying cycle & how much to charge?
    The coin 16kg dryer's drying cycle is typically set at 23min (adjustable though)

    As for the 16kg coin dryers, all the three programs (low, medium & high temperature) is set at RM5 per 23 minutes.

    As for the 30g coin dryer, all the three programs (low, medium & high temperature) is set at RM7 per 23 minutes.

  24. Why it take so long to wash just to wash a load of cloths?
    If you shorten the washing time, the cloths will not be properly cleaned/rinsed. The normal washing cycle is 1 x main wash, 2 x rinsing and 1 spin.

  25. How long does it take for the dryer to dry clothing?
    It normally takes 30 to 45 minutes. A big 15kg dryer will dry much faster than a 8kg dryer. I strongly recommend a big dryer.
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